When embarking on a creative project, I’ve always had a disconnect between what my mind can perceive and what my body can create.

Sometimes I have moments of such visual clarity where I can precisely imagine how I want each point, line, and polygon to look. This happens effortlessly. This inspiration could happen during any number of mundane activities.

  • Zoning out watching the same Bojack Horseman episode I’ve seen six times before.
  • Behind the wheel of a large automobile.
  • While daydreaming about not being at work.

When I finally find the willpower to sit down in front of Illustrator, or ArcGIS, or whatever technical piece of software the task demands, the vision fades. What emerges is a tangled muck. Once I sit down with the tools to create the vision, the vision fades. I’m left feeling trapped, unable to manipulate the tools in a matter just so to manifest that vision. Maybe I can’t find the right tool or right preference or the right dialog box. Maybe the language of the vision isn’t strictly translatable into the cold hard programming of the software. Maybe, once I start thinking about the idea, the idea goes away.

So, this is a work in progress, but it generally lines up with what I’m trying to visualize.